The benefits of Neroli

For many years I had wanted to find a way to justify spending the money on real Neroli essential oil. To this day, I haven’t bought it pure but I did recently buy a blend of Neroli and safflower oil and I have to say, I will never go without it again! Real Neroli acts as a nerve tonic and now that I am in graduate school and dealing with some personal issues, I need to keep my mind focused! I also picked up some Orange Blossom Flower water which may be derived from Neroli depending on the distillation methods used and that also is wonderful.

Today, I am using the Neroli in a diffuser I picked up from Massage Warehouse.com and while the diffuser was as expensive as the oil blend (it runs off of steam) it does scent the living room beautifully. My computer desk is adjacent to my living room and I can sit at my desk and wade thru all the peer reviewed literature that is quickly piling up and try to plan ahead for my class projects while enjoying the anxiety and stress reduction benefits of the oil.

I have to recommend this as a pick me up to everyone and if anyone has something similar that lifts your spirits by all means post your favorite nerve tonic in the comments section!


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