Is there really a shortage of Spa and Massage related research?

I finished my undergraduate work in December of 2012 and had to do an undergraduate thesis for my Interdisciplinary degree. Now that I am in graduate school and taking a class on statistical research methods, I keep encountering the problem of not being able to find enough materials to work with. Depending on your chosen field, some areas of interest claim to have nothing new to say or to publish and so run aground on the shores of the post modern. Not so in Spa and Massage research and to be honest, the fact that it is being presented this way makes me question the reality as it currently stands. Spa and Massage have a much longer history in Europe than in the States and I do wonder about why not more materials are available from the continent. Be it that the research is outdated or perhaps as non existent as the majority claims it to be, there is a lack of research material to work with. This is compounded by the problem I am finding with my Universities database, that classifies common trade publications as academic journals. Sooner or later, a new Integrative Health program is set to begin in the next year and whomever heads that department is going to have their work cut out for them. I am hoping that due to an affiliation with a university in China, that there will be access to databases of research and translations available when the new program gets underway. Right now, it’s all touch and go. I am waiting to hear from the chair of the HPER department about his review of my undergraduate paper for critique and recommendations about trying to get it published. There is a great deal I could work with if things come together for me and while I don’t specifically want to write about things that are common knowledge, the lack of academic articles on very common subjects needs to be rectified. That it would also allow me to get my name out there is something that would only be a bonus on the side.


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