Musings on the Future

So I am in Grad School now. And while this first semester got off to a shaky start things are turning around and I am getting the work done again, as I was when I was finishing my undergrad. I am moving ahead with a Master’s in Health and Wellness. However, I still have history as my first love and I really would like to make more time for it in my life. Right now, it’s all statistics, research, and business plans. The research isn’t without it’s merits, and I enjoy it. I at least get to pick my area of research in the broader field of alternative health and wellness. Given that there is a absence of academic research in this field, I can get away with not knowing all there is to know about statistical methods and still accomplish something at the same time. I will definitely be keeping the textbook for this class. Just because I can skate by at the moment, does not mean I won’t have to know it down the road. Fortunately, I have good instructors and the program is just over ten years old. Just young enough to want to make a name for themselves, and old enough to have worked out some of the kinks in the program of study. From that standpoint, I am in a good program. There is a particular science journal Dr. O’Neal was tickled about 3 of his students being published in, while no one from The University of Alabama was accepted this round. If I want to get published, I am in the right place. Ideally, I would want to write alternative wellness history and sociological studies of alternative health and wellness. It’s a better fit to stay where I am, I think, than to switch over to International Relations although I think I would enjoy it also.


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