Do Not Feed the Stereotypes

So I am currently co-habituating with a brown blue eyed cat. I call him the Beastling and The Blue Eyed Devil. I really should not feed the stereotypes but with the cat I find it hard to resist. He is a shedder. I am learning to live with cat hair. I have discovered that I must clean the tub before each bath to ensure that there is no cat hair in the tub when I fill it up. Just because it looks clean does not mean it is.

I miss my ex. I hope one day he remembers how much I cared about him and regrets his actions. I am a blue eyed devil myself it is true but I was a push-over with him. He did remind me I am a girl but in all the most twisted and wrong ways but I forgive him. He did not make enough time to get to know me again after 20 years to find out how I had changed.

But back to the cat.

Tonto. A stereotype if ever there was one. But it suits him. It’s a good name. But I want a dog or a cat of my own. Tonto is my sister’s cat and he is only staying with me for a few months. My sister and her significant other have a best friend who lost his wife and unborn child in a horrific accident and so they both quit their jobs to go stay with him and his surviving daughter. Mass Drama. And my sister and her hubby got to avoid some hefty problems of their own by doing so. At any rate, they are in transit between gigs and so my nephew is with his grandparents and Tonto is with me for the time being.



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