Narcissism and Grieving

When we grieve narcissistic abuse – we grieve things we don’t have to when a normal relationship ends.
We grieve ourselves; our lost identities, our lost innocence, we grieve the fact that another “human” (if we can call them that) was not a true lover, but an imposter. We grieve that someone who said they loved us, ACTUALLY in fact, wanted to destroy us; and WOULD HAVE, if it was within their will.
We grieve the lost of trust, the belief in love, and the belief that people are basically good. We grieve our old way of relating and trusting in the world and the people around us; even people we thought we could count on.
We’re left, ALONE sans our belief in a higher power that can restore us to sanity and make us whole again.
This grief is more than your everyday grief, its a metamorphosis of ourselves as human beings.
Nothing else prepares you in life for what occurs after narcissistic abuse, except for maybe an experience with another narcissist or some other form of evil.

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