Some Good News

Ok. I do have a bit of good news to report. What I haven’t said, is that I failed out of Grad School at UNA over this relationship fiasco. I missed a test and that professor did not give make-ups which lowered my grade to a point I could not over come. The good news is, this has forced me to look at online Universities, and I found one for the short term and am back in for a Master’s in Health Care Administration. UNA does not offer that graduate major and there are better options for me if I take this path anyway. I was just stuck in many ways with UNA and this has forced me to get outside the box of my old thinking. I plan to do a quarter with Ashford and then switch to Troy State where I know more about the school and it comes with recommendations from friends and acquaintances. So no, my life has not totally gone to hell. In this regard, my fortunes have improved it was just a scary transition.


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