Not my business…

So the day before he sent the apology text, he said he would have to tell her about talking to me. This from a man who kept up with her while married to his ex wife and they were just ‘friends’. He didn’t say why. But when he sent the apology text the following day he asked me not to reply and said she works for the cell phone company he has his service thru and that she reads his texts. I don’t know what your thinking, but let me just let that sink in, and let you all take that for what it is worth. Let your imaginations make of it what you will, as mine did especially if you know this story I have been blogging. Granted, it may be a lie, just to pacify me or keep me at arms length, but I have a friend who worked for Verizon and Sprint and who doubts the claim she can read the texts he sends or receives. It is what it is. Let’s just leave it at that.


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