So I Have a Date

So, I have a date on Tuesday. We’re going walking in the park or on the TVA trail. Seems like a nice clean cut guy but you don’t know until you actually meet do you? I think I am going to suggest the park since it’s one I know better and is out in the open. He runs a business and is dark haired and athletically built. We’ll see. I am also talking to a blonde guy but no date yet. Both are looking for relationships but one day at a time. Right now, I am worried about covering up my roots which need to be touched up and I am in between student loans and didn’t budget for a touch up. So I guess I am going to have to style and curl it to try and detract from it. Ugh. I usually wear it straight. It will fall being outside walking so it’s going to show anyway. Hopefully it will be ok. It’s going to have to be.

I still miss my ex don’t get me wrong. But at least I have something else to smile about


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