So one date is cancelled and another is on

Well, pictures do say a lot. One guy saw my new pictures and wanted to cancel the date and yet others popped up and started talking. Right now, I am interested in one from Mississippi the most I think. He wants to call after 10 but I don’t know that I am going to let myself be available that late. I am worth a day time phone call. I am done with late nights for no good reason. Reminds me of the ex when he was working for the rehab. Done. Over it.

I am not upset about the guy cancelling actually. It was his attitude after the fact that was tacky. He actually said that it was “refreshing not to see someone pitching a fit because they couldn’t get their way” – talk about sexist! Hell No. NO. Just NO. I consider myself saved from drama with that one.

But I have another date Friday and two more who I have exchanged numbers with. So we’ll see. The date on Friday is casual and he is not exactly my type but I am keeping an open mind.

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