Mirror, Mirror or the art of Reflexivity

So today’s Daily Prompt is about appearances. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to wax poetic. But I recently had a run in with the idea of appearances and while some might call it synchronicity, I don’t. It is what it is. Appearances are just that. I had a date scheduled and once the guy saw some additional pictures of me, I just got that intuitive vibe he wasn’t on my page. And so I told him it was alright to cancel the date if he wanted. He admitted he was looking for something different. Obviously, we aren’t on the same page. He went on to make a sexist remark and that just gets no play in my world. Totally anti-climatic. But that is not what the daily prompt makes me think of.

Having spent 16 years in professional Massage Therapy I am familiar with aesthetics and I prefer to distinguish between aesthetics with an a, as opposed to esthetics with an e, to distinguish philosophy from work. For a practicing esthetician, I can see how for them it makes sense to combine the two but for me, as a LMT, I make a distinction and I think the field of massage therapy should also make a distinction. The profession has suffered from a non critical view of aesthetics philosophically speaking. Massage is now offered in every hair salon and in some States, is governed by esthetics and cosmetology rather than by a board of massage therapists. This makes sense and does not depending on the positions you take. Obviously, I have a position despite the fact that I am still in the process of fleshing it out privately, but obviously, me going into University to get my Master’s in Health Care Administration says something about my views.

Years ago, I would have thought my current position too heavy and deterministic when it came to aesthetics philosophically speaking but I don’t feel that way now. Right now, I see my professional goal of getting my Master’s in Health Care Admin as a outgrowth of my Professional investment in Spa and Massage and I see it as being something that can assist me in getting back into Spa at a Management level in the future. It may be that this is not what my future holds however. Health Care admin is a broad field and I may end up outside Wellness and Alternative Health. It’s always a possibility. Right now, I am just relieved that my second class is not going to be Bio-statistics! Not ready for that yet at all. I question my own understanding of what is reflexive when I think of pursuing this path. I started out as an LMT and to get into management and to go back to Spa with a managerial degree is indeed reflexive in light of my own past. There are not enough large spas with a need for that kind of administration in the US. So the likelihood that I end up back there may be slim. I gave serious thought to Public Health also. If I had gone that route, I might have been able to get a job with the State and gotten some of my loans forgiven. But in the short term, the school I was accepted too left something to be desired and I needed to make a quick decision. I am taking it one day at a time. I need to get a clearer understanding of how I want to let my future play out. Making decisions about Master’s degrees under pressure has not helped the situation that I can see. I need perspective and I am not going to get it as long as I am not looking at the underlying theme of reflexivity in my understanding of Professional growth and development.


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