So school starts tomorrow. So far I am still waiting for my text books to arrive. It’s going to be APA citations for this class so that is another system to familiarize myself with.

I emailed the letter to my ex. I think I did the best I could to ask my questions without arguing and repeatedly reassured him I don’t want him to reply anytime soon. I want him to have perspective on the situation before he replies. The point of hearing his side of the story is to learn from what mistakes I have or may have made. He’s been too stressed to be thinking clearly for at least a year and his actions show that. He needs time and I can only hope and pray that he responds sometime within the year or even a little longer. I have enough issues to keep me busy with therapy that long and if he does reply, that may bring up valuable material for me to explore.

I may officially be old enough to have become a cougar. I have a cute 24 year old engineering student beating down my door and I put him down gently last night. I promised him he can text and message me to work on his game but nothing more. I don’t even know that I should have agreed to that because in some ways, it makes me uncomfortable. I am not in to nurturing young men that aren’t family members and even then, I love my nephews from a distance. I need to make more of an effort to nurture them before I start picking up strays.  

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