It’s snowing!

Today is the first day of my new class and I am still waiting for my text books to arrive. I may end up missing the first assignment over it and I am a little irritated about that, however, I will survive.

I had no idea it was snowing until the sun came up. I couldn’t sleep and woke up around 4 am. I only saw the snow a few hours later in between texts from Adam, the new guy I am talking too. He’s a nice guy. We have seen pictures of each other and text back and forth and message online but haven’t met yet. Taking it one day at a time right now. And for me, that is all to the good. He works swing shifts and his schedule is erratic to say the least. My body clock wouldn’t let me do that and stay sane at the same time.

I still miss the ex. In the introduction threads for my first class there is a classmate who has a diverse background that includes addiction and recovery. I made a comment about the fact that our relationship did not survive his struggle to rebuild his life and that I was currently grieving his loss. I don’t know that was professional of me, and while I know I can get away with that kind of thing as a student, I need to break the habit of being so personal in the work place. It’s just not professional.

20 years ago he got stuck in Athens during a snow storm and reminded me last year that I was crying because he had to stay at my grandparents house while I was stuck at a friends. He couldn’t make it thru the snow to get to me. Yeah, we were both so innocent then. He remains in my prayers daily.

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