Babies? And another baby..

Yes, I said babies but I am talking about the kind that are more than ten years younger than me. So far, the youngest of the bunch I currently have messaging me is 24 and an engineering student. It may be a stereotype, but he is a cute as pie man of color and with his prospects educationally and financially, he can do better than a white cougar like me if he wanted too. He swears he can not find quality conversation with women his own age but I believe that is a line I am going to let pass me by. The other baby is 26 and his interests are hunting, mudding and fishing in that order. He has no education to speak of at his age and I put him down gently with a reminder that you should have points of interest in common even if age is just a number. If it’s realistic for older men to date younger women, then I am going to sit tight until a 28 or 30 year old wanders up. That would be a little more comfortable for me.


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