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Make Up and Organization


How to organize one of the biggest staples of a woman toilette has plagued woman kind for generations. Personally speaking, I have limited space and to make the most of it, I used baskets to organize products and put them in the larger shelves in my closet. I currently have all my lipsticks in one place, eye shadows etc I chose little Clinique free gift bags to store the items in and placed them in my baskets. For the time being I don’t have another practical option for getting too my make up. So it may be time to trade out and purge some items. The rest of my toilette is scattered thru the bedroom and bathroom and hall closet. I don’t have the option of putting it all in one place so I make the best out of what I do have.

I suggest getting out all of your makeup and sorting thru what can be kept, and what should be thrown out. Over a few years time, make up can become stale and should be rotated out. Once this is accomplished, it’s much easier to take stock of what you have and to create an organizing system that works for you. You may want to organize your make up based on what you wear most frequently. I have one small bag that holds my everyday staples and I try and go thru it once a year. It’s easy to forget or ignore how much make up I have which is why I am writing about this now! You may want to group your make up by color scheme, or by brand. Whatever works for you as long as you remember that the point is to be able to find what you need when you need it.

Once you have purged the old you can begin to decide how to organize your available space. Where do you want to place your makeup? Where do you put it on? Not everyone keeps make up in the bathroom but that is the most logical space.


Finally, here is a list of basic ways to organize your make up.

If you have drawers you may want to line them with scented paper and choose acrylic or plastic drawer inserts to place your make up in.

If you have counter space you can always find pretty jars or glasses or glass blocks to organize brushes, lip liners and other items.

You can also try to find a hanging organizer and place your make up behind the bathroom door.

You can try taking a cookie sheet and covering it with your fabric of choice and then glue magnets onto the backs of make up products and magnetize your make up.


I for one love the idea of a make up chest. A woman’s toilette is a ritual and make up is part of that undoubtedly. Why not take it to the next level? I have a black chest I bought from Pier 1 for the purpose of using as a spirit house. It was not until my Buddhist Uncle passed away that I finally used it for the intended purpose. I almost made it a make up storage chest. My thinking was that it was like a caboodle only it was more elegant and formal but it still would not be big enough to house my collection. I still like that idea and would do so if I had the room for it. My ideal for that is the modern Geisha who has a lengthy toilette ritual for her performance. Some times, ritual is wonderful and can remind us of many things. I don’t wear make up everyday, and so for me, putting it on is a special occasion now. It wasn’t always this way. I used to wear make up daily but since I have been a student, I haven’t had the same priorities. Having a make up chest that is both beautiful and functional would serve as a pleasant reminder of the special occasions which it serves.


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