Communication where it is questionable

Yesterday I posted a synopsis of my story about my ex and my experience with Narcissism on several group lists. For some reason, I checked my phone late yesterday evening and saw my ex had texted and simply asked “How are you?”  I sent him an email about a week ago asking him to please drop me a line to let me know if or when his legal troubles were resolved. I am not going to read into it. I replied, and asked how he was, if he was ok and if his troubles were over. I later thought better of it and sent a second text saying I shouldn’t have replied and that I can’t say anything without being accused of harassment. I said I want him to be ok, that I love him and he is in my prayers and left it at that. I don’t know why he texted to begin with and why he avoided answering the question I had asked about his legal situation but considering that I came back and said I shouldn’t have said anything to begin with, I effectively tried to stop his token communication effort.

 He is in my prayers. I ethically question the way things have played out and about what outside events created or shaped the problem to begin with and I question how it all was rationalized and justified at the time. I hope he is happy in his new life and finds a way to reconnect with his children. I refuse to read into his text. I don’t know why he sent it or if he is just playing a game. Either way, he has made his bed, said he is going to marry her, he has moved in with her and there is no room for me in that story.




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