The Doc now says bi polar medication is optional…

Well, I went off my med in January because I wasn’t able to afford the prescription. I stayed in contact with the doctor once a month and kept her informed of every communication I sent my ex. Despite the fact that I have communicated with him and question if this is an example of an ‘episode’ she told me she thought I was stable enough to stay off the med if I chose. I have not had any symptoms fortunately and I want to at least keep a prescription on file at the pharmacy just in case. But other than taking my depression medication and my Ambien for sleep, I am not taking a medication for bi polar any longer.

I am not doing anything different either.

I want to make a wellness recovery plan and include my medications in it. Right now, in between class assignments, I am researching the topic and getting ideas from peeps in the various support groups for mental illness I am a member of. It gives me something to do that feels positive and reassuring since I don’t have the perception that I actually have a support network.

All things considered, it’s still good news.


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