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Sex Work and Massage Terminology


To begin with, let me begin by noting I have been a licensed massage therapist for 17 years.

Here is a sample of Professional Massage Therapists Views on Prostitution and how it impacts the Massage Industry:

I came across this article most recently: 

One of the biggest criticisms about the Spa Industry that comes from academics such as Kimberly J. Lau in her book New Age Capitalism, is its consumerism and it’s peddling of new age spirituality, alternative therapies, or less often, it’s regress to a discourse of primitivism to obtain new treatments from the supposedly backward and more spiritually enlightened third world inhabitants. Criticism of feminist spirituality has come from authors such as Cynthia Eller in her book The Myth of Matriarchal Pre History.

Just as the Spa Industry has been affected in a horrible manner by the application of the word Spa to every hair salon with a empty back room that can hold a massage table, just so, applying the label ‘courtesan’ or ‘quaditshu’ or ‘tantrika’ to every prostitute is just as misguided. Uncritical syncretism, and the absence of education about the reality and discourse surrounding Post Modern spirituality is to blame for part of this dilemma and feminism as well.

There is something to be said for sex being a private matter and not a public one. To that end, I have to draw the line and defend my profession. No sex work. Period. For any reason. At any time. It’s a matter of cultural axiology.

For all Massage Therapists, the question is, how do we individually defend against the usurpation of ANY Massage related term and combat it’s application and usurpation without being called ‘anti intellectual’ for even dealing with identity politics such as gender?


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