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Ultrasonic cavitation: Lipo without surgery?

I just saw this video over on nuestranikky. The subject is Ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss. I had to go digging around for more information but found this definition from Wikipedia:

Ultrasonic cavitation device is a surgical device using low frequency ultrasound energy to dissect or fragment tissues with low fiber content. It is basically an ultrasound probe (acoustic vibrator) combined with an aspirator device (suction).[1]

It is mainly used for tissues with high water content and low fiber content, like noncirrhotic liver and pancreas. It has advantages of less blood loss, improved visibility and less collateral tissue damage. It is used in number of surgical procedures such as resection of small endocrine pancreatic tumours, partial nephrectomy, salvage splenectomy, head and neck procedures and gynecological tumours.

As I commented on the original post, I would have to do more research to have an opinion, but this sounds like a typical Spa service to me. I would only note that as the definition states, ultrasonic cavitation is mainly used on tissues that have high water content and low fiber content. Adipose is NOT a liquid but I would have to do more searching to find out if it is low in fiber but I would presume so. The following video says that fat would be disposed of thru the lymphatic system and recommends a lymphatic massage after such a service. Most spas, unless your at a destination or wellness Resort, do not typically have therapists trained in lymphatic drainage, so you may need to find such a service separately.

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