Satire: Relationships: A Vicious Cycle in Emotion

Ask Emersen...

It starts out as lust.

Head over heels attraction.

It’s an added plus that they’re smart AND attractive.

Mind blowing sex in all the right (and wrong) places.

Interesting chats over beer and pizza.

We’re in love.

Let’s seal the deal…

Make it official.

Okay…with a delighted smile as you think you hit the mother load of great and mystical relationships.


Fun at first because it’s new.

Months go by and you realize “OMG…this person gets on my nerves.”

Boxer shorts in front of the hamper.

Again! For the fourth damn time this week.

She’s so OCD, she’s lining my movies up.

Sex at 1am? Is he kidding? I have to work in the morning.

Why is she nagging me? My work pants are perfectly fine on the dining room table.

First fight.

Loud enough to get the attention of the gods.


He hurt my feelings.

She was…

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