When ‘Just a Friend’ is Really ‘Just’ A Big Threat to Your Marriage

Attention Must Be Paid!

After working with couples for nineteen years I would like to take a moment and dispel of few myths about affairs.

Myth #1: Affairs are just about sex.

This can be true but a lot of times affairs are about emotional connection. Some of the most pain I have seen has come from one partner having an ’emotional affair’ where there has been no physical cheating.

Myth #2: People set out to have affairs because they are unhappy.

Again this can be true however a lot of affairs are not sought out but evolve from relationships where people are not maintaining proper boundaries and from a lack of recognition about dangerous situations.

Myth #3: Affairs just happen and all you can do is hope you married the ‘right kind of person’ who would never cheat.

Can be true but there are some things that can help you and your partner to be mindful…

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