The Latin American country imprisoning women for miscarriages

Insane abuse


3 thoughts on “The Latin American country imprisoning women for miscarriages”

  1. …the sad thing is El Salvador is ran by a Far Left Marxist government with ties to the Narco-Terrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia )FARC), MS 13, and the dicatorship in Venezuela…the questions that should be asked is really how much of this is the Catholic Church and how much of this is population control and the iron fist of Marxism in action…has anyone researched to see if these women were part of the opposition to the Marxist government? In dictatorships, especially Far Left one’s with complete media control…the government always tries to find a scapegoat to take the fire off of them…and some of the articles I have read about this have came from Far Left or Left leaning outlets…I could find nothing in Foriegn Policy or any other unbiased scholarly journal or news outlet…all the countries that were listed as offending on this, except the DR, are ran by Marxist governments with ties to Narco-Terrorists…my wife is Colombian and yes most of the Latin American countries do have laws against “birth control” abortion, but as in the case of Colombia if the cases of rape, incest, or the mother or child’s life is endangered abortion is allowed…one must ask why and not take things in Latin America at face value because many times there are underlying circumstances that are more of the last dying throws of Marxism trying to maintain control…BA History and Political Science Minor Sociology…MS International Relations: Latin America…


    1. Thanks for pointing all that out. You are the only feedback I have gotten on this post and it’s a reblog from another site. I have no idea where they sourced the original article at this point.


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