I have my first paid writing gig – so why am I not happy about it?

I really feel weird for some reason.

It’s not a big deal, just basic informative articles backed up by internet sources. That doesn’t necessarily lower the quality of the information I will include in the article and will depend on the quality of the websites or databases I source for information. At any rate, the order is 5 500 word articles and 1 1,000 word article. I don’t think I will get authorship credit but that is ok at this point. I need to work and have some additional income coming in. It would be nice to have some acknowledgement but at least this way I will acquire references for any additional writing jobs.

I have also been approached about pitching a subject for a continuing education module for massage therapists and at the moment, I have not given it any thought. That is a more ambitious idea than I am currently able to pursue. I still have three weeks of class left, I need to call Ashford and remind them that I only agreed to this additional course so I wasn’t shafted with a bill that financial aid wouldn’t cover. And I still have to figure out what to do about moving ahead with grad school. The city I currently live in does not have enough opportunities for those with only a bachelors degree unless you want to go into business for yourself. When you add to the equation the fact that I have no car, that makes it worse, since I have no savings at this point to meet even the most basic needs of simply eating or paying bills. With my credit shot by student loans and unsalvageable at this point I have no options but to turn myself into an indentured servant to the education system which has only been exacerbated due to the fact that I had to go on public assistance back in 2008-9.

Yet again, no excuse.

This should be a positive development to have an opportunity to work. But as usual, I am a day late and a dollar short.


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