I don’t know why I went back

6 months later

I think I wanted to see your face again

they added the charge under your name

It wasn’t there before



And the bond only $500.00 more than the theft?

And no charges since?


Dropped Charges…

Good for You.

Am I to blame?

Is there something I may have said

In a letter to Dad

that may have been read

by his jailers

that either of you want to tell me about?

Or is that just a conspiracy theory?

Derived from my original letter to Mike

when I said no one would blame you

if you left me because of Dad’s arrest?

I know I love you

Both of you

I don’t accept this story.

I know my father

And I love you

I don’t accept it

But I love you regardless

I tried to password protect

this post

no matter what I did

it showed up

on Facebook

News does that

And the Dead travel fast

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