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Kalahari Spa Products

Out of Africa!

I do love the mystique of Safari…

I just came across Kalahari Spa Products website recently and the line looks wonderful! I definitely want to order a product or two to try them out. The website design is fabulous and expertly crafted. My only criticism is that the sunlight image on the About page makes reading the information a bit difficult.

There are 4 fragrances that support the signature Kalahari line:

  • Khoi-San = Escape  – the main aroma of Buchu.
  • Tsamma = Refresh  – is a cooling, cucumber scent.
  • Wild Honey = Enhance  – it has a lovely honey fragrance with undertones of vanilla.
  • Dune = Relax

An inventory of the Kalahari Esthetics line from their website can be found here

Body Products can be accessed here

Spa Products can be found here

Carina Franck is the Founder of Kalahari International and is an African native. Kalahari has followed the tried and true method of working with all natural botanical ingredients to showcase the bounty and diversity of their native continent. Kalahari launched in 2010 and is currently active in 16 countries; Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Australia, Namibia and Southern Africa.

Franck is also behind Nimue Skin Technology.

As soon as I have an opportunity to try some of the products I will post a review. It will more than likely be a few months down the road. I will keep you updated!


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