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British Association of Dermatologists laughs off ‘Drinkable Suncreen’ claims

According to tabloid reports in Britain’s The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, a new ‘drinkable sunscreen’ is on the market in the UK. Osmosis Skin Care reportedly based out of the US is a holistic skin care company that is marketing “Harmonised H20 UV Water”

According to their website: “Osmosis Skincare is dedicated to fostering and maintaining health through a combination of holistic and innovative products that address common problems on a cellular level. The Osmosis family of products can be grouped into three categories: Pur Medical Skincare, Colour Cosmetics, and Wellness Supplements.”

Specific claims for the Harmonized H2O include SPF 30 protection for three hours with just three ingested tea spoons, cancelling out 97 per cent of UVA and UVB rays.

BAD, the British Association of Dermatologists unsurprisingly scoffed as only the British can do.

According to BAD, the product is 100% water. Period. Nothing more. Nothing less and nothing offered by Osmosis Skincare refutes that fact.

Consumers of Science Beware. For the spiritually minded, check you physics knowledge before buying in.



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