Tasting Sex since Age 6, Pamela


She gave speech at the launch of her foundation, Pamela Anderson Foundation, at Cannes Film Festival last week, The model and actress Pamela Anderson talk about how she was molested from age 6 and gang-raped by her first boyfriend and his friends who decided it would be fun to rape her, She tasted Dick .

“I did not have an easy childhood. I was molested from age 6-10 by my female babysitter. I went to a friends boyfriends house while she was busy. The boyfriends older brother decided he would teach me backgammon which led into a back massage which led into rape- my first heterosexual experience. He was 25 yrs old, I was 12.

My first boyfriend in grade 9 decided it would be fun to gang rape me (with 6 of his friends) Needless to say I had a hard time trusting humans. I just wanted off this earth…

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