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Borderlands of Heath and Wellness

Hello Everyone!

I have actually begun to do some freelancing work in the Wellness category and have decided it’s high time I created a ‘professional blog’ strictly for professional purposes. And so….I have created Borderlands of Health and Wellness


I have already created three pages of documents on Wellness Topics there but they are not organized or well chosen, and so I need to re-do them. I am not sure what other pages I would like to add just yet. What I plan to do, is to try and focus not so much on science but on Wellness education and Spa Professionalism. I am thinking that I will reserve this blog for product reviews, trends in spa and wellness will more than likely get posted on both blogs…I will keep everyone updated as it happens.

Over ten years ago, an acquaintance of a former friend had started a blog and my friend and I discussed the fact that she used her blog as an online personal journal. How much she actually disclosed I have no idea because I never read her blog. I have thought about that conversation in the years since I started blogging and realize how the idea of a personal journal is a very flexible one. On My Coign of Vantage, I typically stick to wellness themes and updates but as you may note, I am prone to the occasional personal rant about my private life, commentary about family, or other themes. I am not quite sure how I want to transition between the two blogs or how much of one topic will migrate between them. Something about it smacks of bi-polarism to me, so I am going to have to spend more time considering the issue of professionalism.

Anyway, please visit my professional blog if you have time:

I would love to hear and receive feedback on the appearance and organization. Also any suggested topics would be wonderful. I am working on the first post there and it will be a press release for a Spa, Beauty and Wellness Charity.

Be Well Everyone! And thanks for following me! I am truly humbled and blessed to know that someone actually thinks my opinions and commentary has value. And that is a blessing.


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