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Continuing Education Outline for Neuromuscular Therapy Submitted


I submitted a proposed outline today for a Con’t Ed module on Neuromuscular Therapy. Now, I need to get to work on one for Hot Stone Massage. I feel blessed that this would only be a short introduction to the subject and I learned a GREAT DEAL merely searching the web for basic info and I have a certification in the subject. Either there were things we were not taught in school or my memory may in fact be sketchier than I know or knew! Terminology Matters and it leads us to the information necessary to ask significant questions. Theoretical basis with no History is substandard education!

Anyway, it’s a blessing for me right now to have found a cont ed company that is working on the small scale. It will be a great fit for me right now if they approve my outline, even if they ask me to revise it before accepting it. I plan to add a page here or a new post in the coming days on the two massage certifications I hold. It never hurts to remind yourself now and then of where your foundations really lie.

Be Well Everyone!

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