World Cup Gamble

I don’t keep up with sports anymore. I have worked Resorts and Hotels during the Super Bowl, had friends who made it to the second round of Olympic Trials for Women’s Soccer, a cousin who cheered for the Denver Broncos and who married the assistant coach for the Carolina Panthers. I only attended one college athletic game and they had to drag me there in the first place! When I lived in Tampa, the X Games were being held in Clearwater if I remember right. That I would have liked to have seen. But never made it. It’s a long shot that I may get an interview in Vail but if I do, it would be awesome to experience winter sports. I never have been skiing or seen snowboarding in person. Colorado is just as far away as New York, but to move to Vail and experience that kind of setting, even if it is only a pittance, I might think about it. Colorado appeals more to me than Upstate New York.


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