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Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Housekeeping

Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Housekeeping

I came across Caldrea by accident about eight years ago. I was shopping in Target and saw a shelf of clearance items with cleaning products. I got a sweet deal on a full size counter-top spray and refill. I believe I spent less than eight dollars for both. Since that time, I have come across other aromatherapeutic cleansing products. Typically, I am not willing to spend $8.00 plus on a counter top spray. However, having tried Caldrea, I admit, it was not a waste of money. Definitely worth the investment. I don’t use it that often. My regular cleaning supplies get the job done and unless I am expecting company or just want to lift my own spirits for some reason, I use Caldrea sparingly, not even once a week but I can’t recommend them highly enough. And apparently, I am not alone in my praise of this company. Caldrea was named one of the top 100 companies to work for by Outside Magazine in the past few years. Here are some examples of perks that Caldrea offers their employees:


  • Sit/stand desks to improve health and longevity.
  • Recently named one of the Top 100 Places to Work by Outside Magazine.
  • Complimentary on-site yoga and athletic & national park entrance fees.
  • Monthly Lunch & Learns on health, wellness and environmental issues to help better our lives and our earth.
  • A welcoming living wall in our workplace cleanses the air and revives the senses.
  • Company Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative bringing healthy foods into our office.

Ahh…the smell of success!

From the Caldrea website: In perfumery, the nose blends and creates fragrances. Part artist, scientist, sommelier and matchmaker, Caldrea gives our nose the added challenge of working with complex essential oils and plant-based ingredients. By blending the finest aromatic notes, we create truly multi-faceted fragrances. The result is a harmonious accord, created by three stages of scents known as notes.
1. The top note is the first thing you smell inviting you to stay for more.
2. The middle note is the heart of the fragrance, often floral.
3. The base note is the foundation of a scent, usually something woody, spicy or resinous.







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