Requesting more info on The Peace Corps and similiar volunteer organizations

I have come to a decision which I hope will be productive. I have contacted The Peace Corps and one similar organization about volunteer opportunities overseas. As I do more research I am sure others will present themselves. I would like to work in Asia or South Asia as far as India. This is the market segment that seems to be the most active in both Medical tourism and with Spa Tourism. I would consider South America and Africa if there was an opportunity to work in an Eco tourism center.

I have heard some ‘rumors’ about how rough it can be. That said, I am fortunate to have an Uncle who retired from the State Department who can ask around for me about the most well recognized organizations. If anyone has any additional suggestions please comment below and wish me luck! Apparently, the wait to be accepted can take quite a while. Also, I have to apply for my passport again and find three people willing to vouch for my character. The Peace Corps itself has a scholarship program for those who enter graduate school AFTER volunteering. So…I may be putting off grad school for a bit.

Given that I do have a small business idea I need to incubate, I think this would be a great way to prepare and to focus on essentials.

Be Well Everyone!

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