Submitted application to Peace Corps!

BeachThe application is surprisingly uncomplicated! It took about ten minutes and that included time to run to facebook to double check my personal references email and phone number and time for her to reply to my message!

The website does say apply now to depart in 2015. I want to check around with a few other organizations to make sure I actually have options and get to go. Right now, I need a breather badly and it would do me a world of good to not only go overseas, even if it is to work, just for the change of scenery and pace alone. Fortunately, I know enough to know that while some of the scenery will be beautiful, it’s not going to be a picnic or a vacation with luxury lodgings and time to relax. Despite this, the prospect is exciting to me on many levels. I would love to have company but one of the best parts of doing this kind of work are the friendships you make and the connections with people you form while you involved in a meaningful project with so many implications.

And of course, I just got what I THINK was a sales call given some of my recent online activity and the caller was not American. After they asked to speak to me, I said it sounded like a sales call and said I wasn’t interested and hung up, forgetting I had just submitted this application! Well that may have been cultural communication mistake number one! Time to pay attention to the present moment and practice a little zen.

Hopefully, that dismissive attitude with that phone call wont come back to haunt me!


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