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Pacifica Products

big-pacifica-logo I recently came across Pacifica Solid Perfume in the past few months. I ordered the Persian Rose and Indian Coconut Nectar Lotion Wipes and this is my review of both products.

Pacifica_Persian_Rose_Solid_Perfume_10g_1394121140 The scent is wonderful. However, it does not last long at all. It’s gone in an hour. If you don’t want to reapply it that often, it’s a novelty and you would be better off purchasing this product for a pre-teen in the 8 to 13 age range. Solid perfume is just fun to me for some reason but with a $9.00 price tag and only .33 oz the tin is actually smaller than I thought it would be. Personally, I love the fragrance of Orange Blossom which is only available on their website and I do want to order their Tibetan Mountain Temple and Spanish Amber despite all this but none of them are a necessity. So any additional purchases of Pacifica’s Solid Perfume are on the back burner.

pacifica-lotion_wipes-indian_coconut_nectar I ordered these on a whim after I bought a package of Burt’s Bee’s Grapefruit Wipes for under $6.00 at Walgreen’s on sale. These were only around $7.00. I do not use moisturizer the way I should. When I do remember to use it, I prefer Clinique’s moisture surge gel or Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. These however are great since I have not been able to afford a professional facial in at least 8 years and have not had one at all since a year or two before that!

Specifically speaking of the Indian Coconut Nectar Lotion Wipes, they do provide a quick burst of moisture and are far better than not using any moisturizer at all on a daily basis. Given that I am working from home for the time being, and not wearing make-up daily, they get the job done!

PAP-94503-3 I happen to love soaps. I recently bought the Sage Vanilla from a local home store boutique a block away. When I worked at Chateau Elan, the gift shop carried Loaf Soap and you could buy it by the slice. The only one I truly loved was the Lavender Oatmeal but the soaps were novelties and were small gifts for family that were fun. These Pacifica soaps remind me of those from the Spa and I want to try at least one.

PICNP Reed diffusers are still around but they don’t get the job done well enough for my taste. Some are more pungent than others and as I am a smoker, it takes something with punch to make a difference in my home. I have not tried Pacifica’s take on the Reed Diffuser. I have bought a few over the years simply because I loved the bottle the fragrance came in and have turned them into small vases. However, one of my two favorites was found in the dollar bin at Target. It’s a plain white round bulb with some kind of chalk paste flowers that stick onto the ends of each stick. I have never seen another like it, and hence, I didn’t want to use it for home fragrance because I knew that the addition of oils or any kind of moisture would eventually disintegrate the flowers.

Pacifica is 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. So if that appeals to you this may be your basic go to brand. I am not as taken with that green platform as I am with their marketing. But for the moment, this is the product line I am exploring.



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