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I just found a new site for Hair Color called ESalon and I think it’s amazing!

For 25.00 or under, they custom blend your chosen hair color and that includes shipping price.

What ESalon has done, is to provide professional coloring products and professional colorist advice and support into a home delivery format which is simple but genius to tap this market. They will automatically ship your chosen color as often as you like. I just signed up for this and hope to try them out in the next month or two. Currently, they are running a special for 50% off your first purchase and including shipping the current special runs for $14.95.

Here are two positive first hand reviews of their products and services:

Of course, salon colorists are not pleased, but there is no substitute for the personal touch that a true salon colorist provides. That said, if you need to save a buck or two, Esalon may be the route to go. I am certainly going to try them out!



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