This is my truth

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

Content note for discussion of child sexual abuse 

I pondered whether to write this, given that Carter so excellently said what needs to be said about grooming, and the way some abusers make use of wider cultural attitudes to the marginalized in our society. Seriously if you have not read it, go now and do so, I will still be here when you get back. The reason for writing is that line we have added, this is our truth, tell me yours.

Carter wrote of his experiences, and the groups of men who learnt to trust each other with their secrets, and the children they abused. Gaining security, and perhaps even a sense of normality from the collective nature of their crimes.  However abuse is not only a collective activity, it is a deeply private one, built on a relationship between victim and abuser. If you read the Rotherham…

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