Gestalt Psychology and Me

I decided to drop any idea about swearing out a warrant regarding my assault. It’s just not worth the hassle at this point. I did make certain that a paper copy of the report is on file with the cops just in case it ever comes back to haunt me in any future search for an apartment or house. Also, given the barrage of stereotypes that rose simultaneously – complete with both gender and race baiting might I add – you can never be too careful to make sure you have records of all such incidents.

I am still twisting the idea of sending the documentation complete with screen shots of the disturbing number of views a post intended for my ex has gotten to his new address. Given that he may be remarried at this point just hurts and while I don’t think he’s quite this sick, it seems his ex wife has been able to maintain legal leverage for a number of years for a reason. That said, I just feel miserable about what has happened with him but obviously, who gives a shit about a cheap nigger whore like me in white girl clothing who gets her sorry ass beat so the mentally disturbed can ‘manage’ their emotional ‘issues’?


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