I usually love moving. When you have as many boxes of books to store and shelve as I do – others are within their rights to request payment of one kind or another. Fortunately for me, I have wanted out of Florence for YEARS and the sticks of Limestone County are even more acceptable than usual.

I want to try and take some pictures of the new place. I have never been ‘ok’ with living in any kind of trailer, despite the fact that my dad’s parents did for a number of years. I am currently living in a 30 foot RV on the side of Mom and Miles farm with the cat. It’s small enough to make the cat active while there are enough windows to keep his head swaying from side to side for hours between naps.

I have the bare necessities and it’s working so far. It’s actually comfortable and I didn’t know what to expect. I just feel isolated and the parents are looking at me in despair about the fact I now have a degree and no job.

Peace Corps or small business idea or Grad School again……….hum…….

I love you. You know who you are.

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