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My own Radio Show?

Thank You Robin


I was approached earlier this month about hosting a radio show based around my Professional blog, Borderlands of Health and Wellness and possibly a smaller role for this blog on Spa! I am flattered to be honest and I would love to give it a try for at least a season to see how things would work out.
It would be a partnership and I would have to come up with some financial capital for the first season. However, the beauty of partnerships is that there is more support for the program itself and more shoulders to carry the financial burden as well. I am sketching out some ideas for a few shows now and also looking for topic suggestions if anyone has any subjects they would like to know more about. Another perk of having corporate sponsorships to shoulder the task would be the ability to get to information and guest speakers that might not ordinarily be available.
As the Borderlands Blog is focused on both mainstream and fringe topics in the CAM field, there is a wide swath of territory to cover and I would love to see if I can pull this off and make it happen actually. My mother has been after me to do something along these lines with radio for years. I do wonder however if there is truly a market for this kind of broadcast??
Please leave your comments below if you have any or send me an email! I would love to hear others thoughts on the subject.

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