speaking truth to the ex

Dealing with drama. Family drama. Its good and bad. I’ve been isolated the last five years without transportation and it limited my contacts with others personally and socially. My family is not supportive of my situation having been without work and a car. One does necessitate the other but they have zero tolerance. Mom has amazed me again however by standing by me and pleading for time.

Out of heartbreak I called my ex. When he realized it was me on the line he dog cussed me. He is of the opinion that definitions of health are so rigid you might call him spartan.I am 5’7 and currently weigh less than 145 pounds but more than 140. He has so rationalized his abuse of his family and friends via his addiction relapse that when he dog cusses me my weight balloons to the size it was when I was being treated for bipolar and sleeping with him by the way… My doctor has since taken me off meds and believes I am recovered enough to not need them. Ironically I am now only 2 sizes bigger than I was when we dated 20 years ago. I’m a size 10 or 12 now depending on the clothes and I was an 8 20 years ago.

I texted him for an hour or two after that and somewhere found the nerve to ask him what he plans to tell his daughter about men who talk to women the way he does. His ex wife is…larger than my mother and I. His daughter is on the chubby side and given that I know I am overweight by government standards but not grossly so I know his baby girl is as well. Since when do government regulations matter so much anyway?

I asked him if he still had enough sense of who he is and where he comes from to have a dictionary on hand. I asked him to look up axiology and said that it is part of his philosophical foundation. I tied it to his degree also. I pointed out that every time he takes a swipe at women even his own baby girl indirectly, he rips up and shits on the only foundation for integrity he has.

He blocked this number shortly thereafter.

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