Being asked and asking

My resume was forwarded to the Nashville location and they have requested an interview! Whew! And they do offer a sign on bonus. I am willing to give it a shot and a gracious friend has humbled me with the offer of a ride there and back while running errands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

When friends encounter rough times, it’s always a touch and go issue about whether or not to help out, and if you choose too, how much help and what kind of help do you offer? It’s no easier being asked for help than it is to ask for help! And not only that, when a friends family  either won’t help or can’t help for whatever reason, it’s not unjust to ask why either!

When you only speak to your step father twice a year and barely more than that to your mother, it’s a minor psychological faux pas on the family’s part how you can miraculously be the source of all the problems that they lay at your door! Anyway, ignore my gossiping! My heart is light, I am being published professionally, a small podcasting and broadcasting company contacted me about partnering up to host a radio show based on my professional blog and when your own family wont give you more than three weeks to catch your breath, and your step father demands a divorce from his wife of 25 years, there are other problems in play. If your the praying sort, please pray for Mom. I can only be silent about so much of the treatment I know of and this is just the latest example of why I moved away and was closer to Mom’s parents than I was to the family she has built with my step father.


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