Heresy, Modernism and a Trojan Horse

I happen to love many things and ideas. Occasionally I love or adore people along the way. When I encounter things like this


my own history ripples. And as anyone who knows anything about water safety knows, you can occasionally predict events by watching the water’s surface.

For sake of reflection, here are another two articles on the topic.

This diatribe is coming from “higher” education and is dripping with tea, no doubt liberated from Iraq:
http:// http://www.educationviews.org/coincidence-stand-prophet-rally-held-texas/

This one is pro rally, bristling with the teeth many associate with the Southern Poverty Law Center – that den of animal loving, bleeding heart do-gooders :

http:// http://freebeacon.com/issues/muslim-leaders-to-hold-stand-with-the-prophet-rally-in-texas/

This doesn’t have to bring up modernism and religion or even feminism, but in some discourses it does. As usual those who don’t know that claim there is a problem with asymmetrical information, lack of democracy, cult like behavior being hidden, impropriety and general hype with “the devil made me do it” excuses. Less often, it’s noted in passing as a matter for artists, educated or otherwise and for the witty, a mathematical problem whose solution lies in plain sight-provided you know where to look.

All of these articles and the rally organizers avoid discussing traditional liberalism directly; they are self aware enough to know and avoid the tourist gaze that the tea party has internalized and no one in academia will discuss outside of peer review.

All make note of Wahabism as if it answers a question rather than poses one or more and ignore postmodernism at the same time.

Personally, I know a few American men not all of whom stereotype themselves with political labels but who embrace some liberal ideology. One put his ex wife thru college, another grew high times shrooms from spores in a closet while taking his ex girlfriends child to class with him at a major university while she worked, another supported his husband while dying of aids and these are but three among many. I call these men feminists in the best sense of the word.

When traditional liberalism is ignored as the origin of enlightenment values, and dualistic views on religion are substituted in its place, ideas about science, politics and gender can and do suffer. We end up with yet MORE articles on the Balkanization of the home front, more myth-making about the societal decline of the West and yet more TV shows about ancient aliens and more raging diatribes from the likes of Alex Jones.

Do the men who gave America a decent name and AAA credit a favor and think twice before creating a panic over the Stand with the Prophet rally. For the sake of comparison, note that western history prior to the enlightenment was not only monarchical, but based on divine right. With this backdrop, substitute
“Jehovah’s Witness” for Wahabi Islam for a start before getting clever by substituting mormonism or Catholicism. Then have a look at what goes on when academia blathers about the Shia-Sunni split in Islamic history.

If you closely, the same tourist gaze that gave rise to the Tea Party is clearly displayed in the mirror image that it sprang from.


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