Cupping Therapy Meta Study finds little of medical value – do massage educators need to be warned?

cupping massage meta criticism

The link above is to a 2012 meta study. The study collected 135 research articles from 6 different databases published from 1992 thru 2010 in the US and overseas. As a stand alone treatment, cupping therapy did not have much value but was found to produce ‘synergy’ (my emphasis) when utilized alongside conventional treatments, no treatment and placebo. Cupping utilized alongside other alternative therapies were excluded from the study.

Of the studies that survived, a whopping 78 were wet cupping, which involves using a scalpel to create an incision to drain off excess blood raised to the surface of the skin once the cup is removed.

Excuse me massage therapists: Am I the only one who sees a problem with scope of practice here?

I would love to say more but I will let those who are inclined take it upon themselves to read the study and to discern, if they are able, to read between the lines about the promotion of this modality in the massage community.


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