Phyrric Victories

I woke up in a funk this morning. After I had my first cigarette, my mind quickly fogged with negativity that I struggled to move past. I was reminded yet again about having found a critique of “The French Nietzsche” at the local bookstore and several others, some of which I already have in storage at mothers, but bought again to be able to read for the first time. One of these is a 1994 copy of an overview of Christian Identity by Barkun. It’s clear from briefly flipping thru the text yet again, that his premise is following the same logic of the authors of the Nietzsche rebuttal. From a historians perspective, post 911, the premise of international relations emobided in Barkun’s thesis is flawed big time from what I believe is a theological perspective and a historiographical one. As reviewers of the Nietzsche critique on Amazon.com have opined on Why we are not Nietzscheans, the authors try too hard to prove they are not post modernists, write badly on purpose and in fact challenge the reader to take Nietzsche seriously or not at all. Heaven forbid anyone not note that by lampooning Nietzsche’s private life, mental health and presumed suppressed homosexuality, such Art for Art’s Sake makes a mockery of religion and faith, as some have noted.


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