Survey Says?

Both The Telegraph and The Guardian have cited a sketchy survey about the hygienic habits of UK women ages 18-50.

Here’s my question: Is the old trope about “Euro Trash” being recycled or is the study actually honest? Not only does the study seem to be of dubious design, it only surveyed women’s habits. God forbid an Englishman be asked to account for the same!

The study states that 33% of women surveyed go as long as 3 days between baths or showers, and that a larger percentage can’t be bothered to remove their make up at the end of the day or brush their teeth.

Keep the in mind the age range of survey participants: 18-50.

Neither article mentions any reference to the relationship status of participants.

One article states that a percentage of those surveyed acknowledge the value of a skin care regime.

The survey does not note or make allowance for the economic threshold of participants, whether or not they are single, parents, or their employment and educational status.

Greece just got an extension on some major loans. #Conspiracy

Poorly designed studies are the bane of the Spa industry. This study was actually conducted by a cosmetics firm and suffers from the same systemic errors common to the Wellness industry. What is just as deplorable, is the fact that both news outlets did not provide a link to the abstract where their “poetic license” to sell papers and rack up clicks per view could be set aside and the data disseminated by associated industry.

Here’s another question, derivative of its modernist origins: For whom is data? How can or should such information be used and by whom? What are the presumptions embedded in the survey questions and what ideas do those questions reveal and conceal?

This is about lack of vision. Strategic vision. If this company or any other needs research designers, they should look elsewhere. Immediately.

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