Stop Snitching On Deleted Posts: Thought for the Day



The old addage “A closed mouth admits no flies” is commonly considered sage wisdom and 9 times out of 10 I would put money on that statement. However, “A closed mouth admits no guilt” also acknowledges this, AND the fact that “We are as sick as the secrets we keep.”

The meme above is from the “minority” Ghetto of the inner city. It is associated with pictures that look like this:

HPIM3113_large eDZzMWd4MTI=_o_the-game---snitch-unit-stop-snitchin-stop-lyin-album 66758010_f8e81803

It’s only when ‘drama’ invades suburbia that the meme is provided with a “make over” in one community or “gentrified” in another:



And ‘engendered’ for ‘polite society’:



When gender comes up we take the picture above forgranted. We forget that there are source and research issues about where this ‘common wisdom’ originated.


Discretion will always be the better part of valour.




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