Top five reasons to stay single

1.) Race Baiting

Of course the obvious fact can be an issue for different reasons but its not always about ethnicity and race. The prospect of dating involves being open to relationship and commitment in theory. Is the person chewing their food with their mouth open on your first date too foreign to bring home to your family? Are you vegan and is your prospective muse a meat eater that would indoctrinate any accidental children? What’s the fine line between being choosy and stereotyping?

2.) Mental Health questionnaires

This goes back to number one. If the first question that comes to mind when on your way to a first or third date raises your anxiety: “is (blank) a psycho?” it’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself!

3.) Sexual Health and Russian Roulette

The two are not synonymous but are often taken to be, which ratchets up pressure on the perennially horny and those who lack the same enthusiasm. You may be subjected to an insensitive pop quiz about questions best reserved for medical professionals and a spiritual advisor by a total stranger who is obviously more interested in their own instant gratification than in getting to truly know you.

4.) Baggage

Divorced? Check.
Children? Check.
Over 30? Check.

Ready to move in with you? Check please.

5.) Big Ben or Biological Clocks

This also refers to numbers 1 thru 4 above. By all means, let no one interfere with any scheduled or spontaneous “spiritual practice” aimed at preparing for the day the “money shot” finally bears fruit.

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