Graduate School: Emory Law or UC Boulder?

Irony Alert: Sordid details to follow brief news

I have a preliminary phone interview scheduled with Emory Law later this month now that my application is complete and has been processed. The price of the JM degree is EXACTLY the same as the JD or Juris Doctor. Despite this obvious insanity of me at 4(1) adding debt of this kind with no assets and an existing tab that I have not paid the interest on, I am planning to apply with UC Boulder by the end of this month as well.

I do have tentative plan to at least chip at my debt and take care of necessities but it would entail postponing school until January of 17, rather than this fall.

As for my personal life there is no news. Of course, no news is just as sordid AS news as all enquiring minds know.

Happy? At least someone is.


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