What I remember of process philosophy


I remember being a student at ASM and missing the deadline to work on the cast for that years presentation of The Nutcracker.


The Fox Theatre in Atlanta is a genuine treat. The ceiling is every child’s dream. I saw the Native American musical Spirit with a classmate.


While I wasn’t privileged to venture backstage at The Fox, I did make it to a small stage at Agnes Scott college.

Process Philosophy was also something I picked up in Atlanta. I am currently reconsidering several elements of my life that include my profession, my finances and my own health.

I recently received an email inviting me to Nevada for an interview. The timing however may not give me enough time to deal with several necessary steps for the job, including both passport processing and necessary dental work. If I do postpone it, it won’t be the first time I’ve stumbled thanks to thinking too much. But what is left of my professionalism now that the culture vultures have eaten their fill and thrown me from one gutter into another and left kind hearted souls with my corpse to dispose of?

The joys of self pity and consolations of narcissism remain beneath my heterosexual dignity, have no doubt.

I am however actually on the mend. No thanks to universal coverage might I add!

Here is a toast to another year of legally dodging that damnable conflagration of  interstate commerce with the body of natural philosophy that HAS NO LEGAL PROTECTIONS. Privacy is not a legally enshrined “right” under the constitution but a custom alone. Not even a privilege granted by the States.

Election day will dawn. God help me to vote and not lie about ideology at the same.


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