Shall We Dance? Nashville City Council opens debate on small scale Marijuana

I recently discovered that Nashville City Council voted to permit the entrance of a small scale “decriminalization and possession” of Marijuana measure into the committee proceedings.

If like me, the inner workings of government are unknown to you my readers, do note that the “first round” yes vote has not been reported as a victory. Yet. It’s a formality that moves the bill forward only.

Max Webers critics and his supporters may begrudgingly recall as I do, the national uproar that followed the advent of The Patriot Act and the resulting proliferation of the term “quagmire.”

A neighboring municipality (Clarksville) reported that the Nashville City Council will be exploring the decriminalization of one half ounce or less of Marijuana with civil fines of $50.00 or ten days of community service.

The only caveat mentioned is a linguistic issue. A “mere” matter of verb agreement with TELEOLOGICAL implications. The presumed “engine”, the “rub”, the “grain of sand”, the “hidden or occult” pea under the mattress my dears, is the five letter word SHALL.

Whom, DARE ANYONE ASK has had a MONOPOLY on this term for the last 2,000 years?

That’s right. SHALL.

The Clarksville paper stated that an objection was noted into the Council’s proceedings of the bill as written. The terminology was purported to POSSESS an ability (however latent or even INNATE) to HINDER THE DISCRETION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.

You just noted the obvious.

The FUTURE Free Will (of uncontrolled variables ~ city employees) is subject to an abstraction that has no epistemological foundations.

Oh my. Is the public to presume that “progress is a myth” and why? Should we be shocked by the Council’s seeming deference to future wellbeing of recipients of the as yet nonexistent civil violation and those public servants who act for the law?

At present the bill would lower Marijuana possession penalties in small amounts to nothing more significant than a parking or traffic ticket. Should we presume any LESS courtesy given the Old South’s historical association with “archaic” customs, manners and all around gentility?

My paralegal education officially begins October 19th, 2016. Informally, it began less than an hour ago.

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