2016 Presidential Debate

I just turned on the final debate.
First thoughts:

* Hillary’s makeup artist and hairstylist are doing their job. Thumbs up folks. Eyeliner is excellent, shadow is on target and foundation appears airbrushed and diminishes smile lines. Eyeliner style does make her eyes appear smaller tho. 

* The Donald: His hair appears so fine at the front that from some angles it makes my 1 yr old flat screen TV appear to be low on pixels. Fuzzy is good description.

Substance of the debate: I tuned in during the gun control segment. Secretary Clinton quoted the figure of 3,300 preventable deaths a year. I honestly blanked out the upshot of Trumps response. My mind shifted to the “survival of the fittest” argument that both candidates have previously  struggled with.

More thoughts to come.

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